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Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, Mindekirken is continuing to put worship services in the building on hold. Instead, we are offering our members and friends the opportunity to view Pastor Anne Brit Aasland's sermons online. 

Baptism of our Lord - 1. Sunday after Epiphany service - Sunday, January 10, 2021. Please join us for worship service today! 


Pastor: Anne Brit Aasland
Organist: Jordan Buchholtz
  Prelude: Precious Lord, Take My Hand - arr. by Mark Hayes
  Postlude: This Little Light of Mine - arr. by Mark Hayes
Special Music: Maggie Burr, solo  
 I Himlen by Johan Selmer
Vocalist for hymns: Maggie Burr
Readers: Anne Johnson (English), Eldbjorg Skare (Norwegian)
Announcements: Jeannette Henrikssen, President of Congregation Council
Thank you to Ingunn Henrikssen for creating the video.    

Baptism of our Lord - 1. Sunday after Epiphany service - Sunday January 10, 2021 Sermon (in print): January 10, 2021 Sermon - Norwegian and English

Norwegian Service for January 10, 2021 at 11am
Jesu dåp, 1. søndag etter Åpenbaring Gudstjeneste 

Norske salmer:
Før prekenen: 470 Kven veit vel om den urett eg leid
Etter prekenen: 479 Fordi han kom og var som morgen røden

English Worship for January 10, 2021 at 9am
Baptism of our Lord - 1. Sunday after Epiphany service

English Hymns:
Before sermon: NOS 470; Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
After sermon:  LBW 191 Praise and Thanksgiving Be to God vs. 1-4


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