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Pastors that have served at Mindekirken

Pastors who have served The Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church in Minneapolis since 1922


1922-23 M. O. Wee        
1923-25 A. J. Hulteng        

Thrivent Choice Dollars Program


Thrivent Choice Dollars Program

Are you a member of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans?  If so, there are two ways your membership can work to financially support Mindekirken.   Thrivent lets you recommend where some of Thrivent Financial’s charitable outreach funds go by directing Choice Dollars and by participating in Thrivent Voting Events.  

Mindekirken is an eligible organization and these programs have brought in a significant amount of financial support by Thrivent account owners just like you.  You can make a difference!

Thrivent Choice Dollars
To participate, a Thrivent account owner must first enroll in the program.  Once enrolled, Thrivent will, on a quarterly basis, make funds available for you, the account holder, to direct to your preferred organization. You can make that designation two ways – the Internet or by phone. 

Connect to Thrivent Choice and select "GET STARTED" Sign in with your username and password or register for an account.

Once logged in, in the middle of the next page, type in "Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church" in the "Organization Name" box, "Minneapolis" in the city box and "MN" in the state box and click search.

Next to our church name, select the "Direct Now" button. You will be able to assign all or part of Thrivent Choice dollars to us. You can also set it up so the church continues to get your future Thrivent Choice Dollars.

Click the "submit button" and Thrivent Choice Dollars will be sent to our ministry.

1. Call 800-847-4836.
2. Follow the prompts given.
3. You will be asked for the last four digits of your Social Security number.  Then you will be sent through to an automated operator system.
4. Our church is listed as “Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church”.

The amount of money made available is based on the size of accounts and other criteria.  Thrivent, on the 5th of each month, deposits those directed dollars to the organizations chosen by you, the account holders.

 Thrivent Voting Events
All Thrivent members 16 and older can vote during specific Thrivent Financial Voting Events to help determine where Thrivent Financial distributes $1 million among Lutheran and non-Lutheran charitable organizations.

To participate, a Thrivent account owner should visit Thrivent Choice Dollars Program for details or talk to your Thrivent representative. 

If you have any questions, please contact Magne Hatlevik, the church bookkeeper at 612-874-0716, or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." title="Email to Magne Hatlevik">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 Your support of Mindekirken is greatly appreciated!  Tusen Takk!


Our Church Year

Our Church Year

Here's a snapshot of Mindekirken's church year.  All events and dates listed below are tentatively scheduled.  Be sure to check the church newsletter - The Communicator, Weekly Announcements or articles in this website for confirmation and  details.  If you still have questions, please contact the church office.

When What Notes
January - First Friday of the month (on hold) Julebord Dinner - Mindekirken Foundation fundraiser hosted by Klubb 500 Tickets sold in advance. 
Julebord means "Christmas Buffet" and is a traditional Norwegian feast served around the Christmas season.
early February Annual Congregational Meeting  
Sunday before Ash Wednesday Fastelavens søndag Traditional Norwegian Fastelavensboller (buns filled with rich raspberry cream) served at church coffee to mark the beginning of Lent.
Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday evening service  
Palm Sunday New Member Sunday Those wishing to become of member of Mindekirken should contact the Pastor or the church office.
Holy Thursday    
Seder Meal (on hiatus in 2019) A remembrance of The Last Supper. A full dinner is served. Reservations taken in advance.
Good Friday Daytime Good Friday Service.  
Easter Sunday

9:00 and 11:00 Easter Celebration Services.
Kirkekaffe to all served between services.

April - Last Saturday Rømmegrøt Luncheon Tickets sold in advance.
Rømmegrøt is a delicious cream porridge, served with butter, sugar and cinnamon.
May-Sunday closest to 17th of May Syttende Mai Festival Service with music, parade, food, dancing and games for the kids. Syttende Mai is a grand celebration - Norway's Constitution Day
June - 1st Sunday Graduation Recognition Sunday Members of Mindekirken who are celebrating their High School or College graduation.
June - Last Sunday Scandinavian Sommer fest at Minnehaha Park Norway Day is held at Minnehaha Park and celebrates all things Norwegian! Come visit us at the Mindekirken booth! Sponsored by the Norwegian National League.
July - Last Sunday Olsok Service 
Olsok - A traditional Norwegian event to commemorate St. Olav, the patron saint of Norway, who brought Christianity to Norway.
September - 1st Sunday after Labor Day Rally Sunday
September or October - Saturday Rømmegrøt Luncheon Tickets sold in advance.
Rømmegrøt is a delicious cream porridge, served with butter, sugar and cinnamon.
October - 1st week Leif Eriksson International Festival (LEIF)  
November - 1st Saturday Scandinavian Treasure Chest Sale Norwegian imports, chocolate and handmade gift items, Cafeteria and Lefse. Regular Bake Sale (no norsk cookies at this time)
November - 1st Sunday All Saints Day Remembrance Service
November - 3rd Saturday (or Sat., before Thanksgiving) Lutefisk Dinner Tickets sold in advance.
Lutefisk, meatballs, potatoes, coleslaw and lefse. Cake for dessert.  
December - 1st Saturday Norwegian Cookie Sale Rosettes, krumkake, fattiman, sandbakkels and other traditional Norwegian cookies sold.
December - mid month, on the Sunday closest to Dec. 13 Santa Lucia pageant The Santa Lucia pageant is a Scandinavian tradition - a festival of light. The pageant is performed in song and verse by young girls and boys.
December - 3rd Sunday Mindekirken Choir/Norwegian Glee Club Christmas Concert  

December 24th

Christmas Eve Services 4:00 pm

bilingual candlelight service

December 25th

Christmas Day Services 11:00 am

Norwegian traditional service

December - Sunday after Christmas Day

Juletrefest (Christmas Tree Festival)

Juletrefest is a traditional Norwegian event with treats, singing Norwegian Christmas songs and dancing around the Christmas tree.  The little ones look for a visit from the Julenisse!

Mindekirken Information Privacy Policy

Mindekirken Information Privacy Policy

In developing and maintaining the website for Mindekirken, we go by an unofficial policy with respect to inclusion of personal information. We spell this out below both to make it clear and to invite discussion. This is a difficult issue to write about and we do not mean to come across as alarmist but in our role, we do have the responsibility to handle congregational information carefully.

Note, that unlike most website privacy policies, this mostly addresses the privacy of congregational information, not information from website visitors. We do not collect any information from website visitor except guestbook entries and normal aggregate hits logs. No visitor information is given or sold to others.

Feel free to contact us with comments, questions or concerns.

-- The Website MinistryTeam


Privacy Policy

We have four groups of people that are listed or referred to; staff, adult members, youth and missionaries. Information of concern includes names, email addresses, phone numbers and photos. Home addresses are never posted.

  1. For staff, we list names, email addresses (usually office emails), and office phone numbers. No home phones, etc. It is important that people be able to contact the staff and that access is all through the office.
  2. For adult members, we often list names when they are a contact for a group or activity that we are covering on the website. We do not list email addresses unless they have specifically given permission or if we are asked to do so. We do not list phone numbers.  It is assumed that other members have the church directory or can call the office for phone numbers.
  3. For youth and children, we do not list full names, only the first name and initial of the last name. We do not list email addresses or phone numbers. Photo captions do not include full names and often do not include names at all. This is to protect them from the more dangerous types of people that can and do use the net to contact and take advantage of young people.
  4. For missionaries, we are very careful what, if anything, we list.  Sometimes missionaries are in countries where they would be in danger if it were known that they are “missionaries” or even Christian.  In some countries, it is actually illegal to be there as a Christian missionary and they could be imprisoned or deported. We don’t post info, even names, emails or country, without the explicit permission that missionary or from our staff or council person in charge of missions.

Some specific areas of our online functionality have additional guidelines.

  1. Mindekirken has a printed membership directory with names, addresses, email, etc which is only available to members and friends of Mindekirken. It is periodically distributed in print at the church. To request a copy or to add your information to this directory contact the office. This directory is not available online.
  2. When using photos of Mindekirken events or members, we use the following guidelines.
  • Including photos in our site is a privilege for us, and we intend to respect and honor it.
  • Photos are almost always of people in public spaces, at public events.
  • We try not to post anything that would be embarrassing, objectionable or hurtful to anyone in the photo. If we know someone is shy about such things, we ask them before posting the photo.
  • Applying other parts of our general privacy policy, we don't put full names of children or youth as captions with photos, and we minimize how often we use full names of adults.
  • We will gladly provide credit for who took a particular photo if desired by the photographer, and we would certainly honor any copyright wishes or restrictions.
  • We will gladly remove any photo immediately upon request.

In any case, if you see a photo that includes you or your child and would like it removed from the site, we would be glad to do so. Just notify the webmaster with the details.

Please be aware, that while we never post home addresses, there are a number of websites that provide white pages, or extensive listings of mailing addresses. There are also a number of people-finder type sites that help in locating people and their names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. These sites have many sources of data and you can probably assume that you're in there somewhere.

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